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How to copy and paste without plagiarizing?

As a student or researcher, you need to write papers or do assignments. Thanks to the internet offering lots of free and updated resources without the need to go library or somewhere else.

As many papers are published online, avoiding plagiarizing is hard.

So, you need to apply some tips when you write an article to keep yourself safe against plagiarism which is introduced in the article.

You can walk us through this article if you want to know how to copy and paste without plagiarizing.

6 ways to avoid copy & paste without plagiarism

To avoid copying and pasting without plagiarism, you can consider the ways introduced below:

How to copy and paste without plagiarizing
How to copy and paste without plagiarizing
  1. Cite resources
    When you copy and paste part of someone’s article, such as quotes or paragraphs, you need to give citations to be safe from being accused of plagiarizing.

Citing resources in the article shows you know how to collect information from different resources, research, and respect ethics.

The style of giving citations is various, and by checking the guideline of your school or university, you can choose the best one.

  1. Using quotes
    When you incorporate a text from other resources, you can put them in the quotes to show that it originated from another writer’s thought and does not belong to you.

This way, you can show your responsibility for others’ credibility and not hide anything.

But it would be best if you used quotations properly, and you could not put the whole text of the paper in the quotation. When you use the same sentence from someone, you should use it.

  1. Rewrite in your way.
    As you write a paper, you need to gather information from different resources. Instead of copying and pasting the text, you should read materials related to the same subject, and when you grasp the point, you can write it in your way or style.

When you read articles, you can jot down important points to ensure you remember to consider them when writing your text.

You can be creative and change the writing structure and present the information in your paper in different ways.

For example: if there is an advantage and disadvantage section, you can input them in the table format to make it more understandable for the reader.

  1. Use a rewriter or paraphraser.
    Once you cannot better understand the text to rewrite it or transfer your comprehension, you can rely on online tools designed for rewriting and paraphrasing.

These tools have both free and paid versions; the free version is not good as paid version.

Suing these tools helps you avoid copying and pasting without plagiarism and saves you time.

After trying this tool, you can check your text with a plagiarism checker to reduce the risk of being caught.

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  1. Check text with a plagiarism detector.
    When you write a paper, you may unintentionally go through plagiarism, which leads to negative consequences. To avoid plagiarism, you can use online tools to detect plagiarism, and if there is any, you can revise your work before publishing.
  2. Incorporate your idea
    When you write a paper, in addition to incorporating information from other resources, you need to give your idea about the topic to reduce the risk of plagiarism as you make some changes to the original work.

Remember not to include useless points in your paper to make it full, as it reduces the value of your work.

How to copy and paste without being detected
How to copy and paste without being detected
  1. Take an image and print it.
    Try this solution if your teacher or professor asks you to print your paper.

Additionally, you can take a screenshot of your essay and send it as a PNG picture if your teacher enables you to send it this way.

The factor for doing this is that it is much more difficult for your teacher to run the text with a plagiarism detector. They don’t have time to type word by word or scan the paper to check in terms of plagiarism.

Depending on how severe your professor is, you can consider this way.

The last words

How to copy and paste without plagiarizing
How to copy and paste without plagiarizing

To write a paper or do assignments, you need to refer to different resources to gather information making it hard to avoid plagiarism.

However, copying and pasting text without plagiarism is an important point you must consider in the academic community.

Consider some ways when you want to write a paper without plagiarism. Otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism, which does not have any good view on the academic scale.

To help you in this case, we present some ways to allow you to copy and paste without plagiarism and hope you find these methods useful.

What is your favorite rewrite tool? Is it free or not? We would love to hear from your own experience in the comment section.

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