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How to Find DOI of a Research Paper?

Have you ever encountered the confusing scenario of searching for a research paper’s DOI (Digital Object Identifier), but you only found yourself lost in a maze of ambiguous sources? To see the DOI of research papers, you have to be patient.

You do not need to be worried! We tried to offer a comprehensive exploration of DOIs and ensure you straightforwardly locate these crucial identifiers efficiently and quickly.

Let’s learn how to find the articles faster using DOI and save our time:

What Is DOI & What Is It Used For?

DOI can be referred to as the unique code to identify the articles; in other words, it is a digital identifier that can help us find the exact article without the author’s name or the title.

DOI is a lasting web address for the article, as the web page’s link might change, but the DOI will never change.

You can use them in citations to give your readers easy access to the sources. So, a question arises: How to Find DOI of a Research Paper?

However, you might encounter journals without Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs). No worries! The following section will guide you in finding DOIs in different scenarios.

When available, the DOI is displayed prominently on the journal article or its first page.

Remember, even if an article lacks a DOI, you can still create a proper citation using other identifying information like author names, titles, publication dates, and journal details.

How to Find DOI of a Research Paper
How to Find DOI of a Research Paper

How to Find DOI of a Research Paper published in a specific journal?

To find the DOI of a research paper, you must Check the article’s metadata, publisher website, or library databases for missing DOIs.

Finding the DOI in a research paper can be straightforward but sometimes requires a bit of digging.

Check the instructions below to see how you can locate DOI in a research paper:

·        The article itself

At first, you have to look for the DOI printed directly on the article, as it is usually placed on the first page near the title, metadata section, or footer.

It may be represented as: “doi:” or “DOI:”

·        Journal website

If you can’t find the article, you can head to the journal’s website where you found the article. Look for the displaced DOI alongside the article abstract or citation information.

·        Database platforms:

The other place to find the DOI is when you access the article through a library database; the search results page or detailed record usually displays the DOI with additional bibliographic information.

Now, if you searched all these sections and you again could not find the DOI, you can check the places mentioned below:

Use The Websites That Offer Access to Scholarly Articles

You can use websites like Crossref or Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and search for the article title, author names, or journal information on

Consider Alternative Citation Methods

Suppose you couldn’t find the DOI, and you are desperate. In that case, you can still create a proper citation using other identifying information like author names, title, publication date, journal name, volume, and issue number.

You can include as much detail and information as possible to ensure readers can locate the article.

How to check if a research paper has a DOI?

These are the only methods you can use to find the DOI for a research paper, and if you can’t, do not be worried. Many great ways exist to address and cite the article instead of mentioning their DOI.

After all this information, how can you create a DOI for your journal?

How do you create a DOI for your research paper?

Unfortunately, you cannot create your DOI for the research paper. DOIs are made by official registration agencies like Crossref or DataCite. This is to prevent duplicates and have a reliable reference for your work.

The DOI is made with two different methods:

1.    Publishing Through a Journal

Most academic journals allocate DOIs to published articles automatically. This happens during the editorial process. You don’t need to make a request; submit your paper to a reputable journal that uses DOI services.

2.    Sharing Your Research Independently

You can use preprint repositories if you are not publishing your article in a reputable journal.

Platforms like arXiv, bioRxiv, or PeerJ Preprints allow researchers to share unpublished research papers with DOIs.

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Finding the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for a research paper is easy as it is displayed on the article’s page and near the critical sections; however, in some cases, it might seem daunting.

This article provides the simple steps to find any DOI you are searching for and become a DOI detective in no time.

Now, you can ask us any questions regarding “How to Find DOI of a Research Paper” if you still find it difficult.

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