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Where is the Issue Number on a Journal Article?

Consider you are searching for an article to start your research and found a great one. You start reading it, and now you are sure you will use the article as one of your sources.

Then you start searching for its issue number, you look everywhere, but it is not there! Now, you look at the journal article, hoping to find a missing issue number.

Well, this can happen, so don’t feel sad. Issue numbers, essential for citations and reference, can sometimes be hidden in the most unexpected places.

So, we prepared this guide to serve as your compass and help you find essential data on many journals, such as the issue number.

Get ready to find where is the issue number in the journal article! So, take your reading glasses, and let’s start the topic.

Where can you find the issue of a journal article?

In the previous sections, we have talked about “What is the volume and issue number of the journal?” If you want to know more about them, precisely the issue number, you can check the link to access the practical information. If you want to avoid going to another page, here you can briefly see a journal issue number.

Where is the Issue Number on a Journal Article
Where is the Issue Number on a Journal Article

What Is an Issue Number in Journals?

An issue number in a journal is like a chapter number in a book, telling you which more minor part of a big yearly edition (the volume) you’re reading.

Now it is time to see where we can find the issue number in different journal articles:

Journal Article Issue Number Location: Where Is It?

As you know, journals are often organized into volumes, further divided into issues.

The issue number helps to identify the particular publication in which the article appears, making it easier for readers to locate and reference the article.

Now look at these practical facts about the issue number in the journals:

  1. The issue number of a journal specifies a specific release within a year’s set, like an episode number in a TV season.
  2. It’s usually indicated next to the volume number but preceded by “No.” or some variation.
  3. It can also be found on the back cover, table of contents, publication information page, or online at the bottom of each article page.
  4. Journals without volume numbers might still have issue numbers.
  5. When referencing a journal article, volume and issue numbers are typically included but might be omitted if unavailable.

You can look at the front cover of the physical journals to identify issue number journal articles. The issue number and volume are usually displayed there.

But on the online journals, search the top of the PDF you read. The issue number and volume will likely be there.

In most journals, the issue number is placed next to the volume number and is usually marked by “No.” or something similar.

What if there are no volume numbers?

Some journals do not include the volume numbers on their cover, but most still have issue numbers. So do not quit if you can’t find the volume number.

·        Issue number on Physical Journals

  1. Front Cover: Most commonly, the issue number is displayed on the front cover of physical journals. So, find it near the journal title, publication date, or ISSN number. The issue number might be labeled “Vol.” and “No.” or similar variations.
  2. Publication Information Page: If you can’t locate the issue number on the cover, check the publication information page, usually near the journal’s beginning or end.
  3. Back Cover: The issue number can sometimes be added to the back cover with editorial information or subscription details.

·        Issue number on Online Journals:

  1. Article Header: Often, the issue number is included in the header information at the top of the online article page, where you can find the volume number, too.
  2. PDF Metadata: On a PDF version, right-click anywhere and select “Properties” or “Document Properties.” The issue number might be listed under “Description” or other metadata sections.
  3. Journal Website: You can head to the journal webpage since they may have an archive where you can search for the specific article and find its issue number.

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Where is the issue number on a journal article? An issue number on a journal article refers to the specific edition of the journal in which the article is published.

You can use this article as a great help to find issue numbers in online or physical journals and smoothen your referencing path. We covered all the places likely to be where the issue number would appear. Now, it is your turn to tell us how you find the issue number in different journals.

Please share your experience with us and the other researchers in the comments.

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