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Decision in Process After with an Editor ; What does it mean?

The main research goal is to answer questions related to the specific topic and publish data as a paper in a reputable academic journal.

After finding the best and most relevant journal for submitting your research paper, you need to take several steps to see your paper published in the journals, which is almost a long process, including several months since experts review your paper to provide you with valid feedback on the accuracy of your data, the value of your work and the importance of your research.

When you check the status of your paper on the journal website, you may see “Decision in process after with editor” and don’t know what does it mean?

However, there is no worry, as we are here to explain its significance:

What does the “Decision in process after with editor” status mean?

When a decision appears in your paper status on the journal website, the editorial is still analyzing your paper to make a final decision.

And the decision in the process is before the final stage, meaning that your paper has passed the initial stage successfully and is sent to peer review to evaluate your paper.

Therefore, when the editor of the journal is waiting to peer reviewers’ feedback to make a wise decision, the status of your paper will be updated to the decision in progress, and you have no choice but to see the status updating on your account.

What happens during peer review?

Peer review is a critical part of the publication process. It involves the evaluation of the manuscript by experts in the field who provide feedback on the quality and significance of the research. The peer reviewers are typically anonymous, and their feedback is communicated to the author through the editor. The reviewers may suggest revisions or recommend rejection of the manuscript if they deem it to be of low quality or not significant enough for publication. In some cases, the reviewers may recommend acceptance of the manuscript without any revisions.

What happens when the paper is sent for peer review?

decision in process after with editor
decision in process after with editor

Peer review of a research paper is one of the important processes of publishing papers. It includes evaluating papers from different aspects by several experts to ensure that a paper is with to publish on their paper.

An authentic academic journal puts effort and energy into gaining credibility in the academic community. It cannot put its credibility at risk by publishing papers created with fabrication data.

Considering this, several experts in the field of journals topic are employed to assess papers in terms of findings accuracy, topics importance and the quality of the paper to give the editorial right feedback.

After analyzing the paper, if it is worth publishing by making some changes, reviewers ask authors to revise their work and respond to the comment to fulfill their expectation of a high-quality paper.

But sometimes they don’t ask for any revision and accept the article, and sometimes they may reject it for several reasons.

Does Decision in Process mean rejection?

No, it does it mean your paper is rejected when your status is updated to the decision in process with the editor. So, you don’t need to worry about this status and be patient to see the next update on your account.

As mentioned above, it means that editors check your paper to see if it relates to the field of their journal at the first stage, then they analyze your paper’s quality in terms of writing.

The weakly written article with many errors is rejected at the first stage and cannot move to further stages.

Once the article could pass these stages, it will be analyzed with a plagiarism detector. When no plagiarism is detected in the paper, it will send to peer reviewers to analyze the paper more professionally.

As the editor of the journal waits for the approval of peer reviewers, the status is set on the decision in the process.

How long does the decision in the process last on your account?

There is no single answer to this question since each journal applies a different process of analyzing papers. Also, the number of peer reviewers who examine the paper is not effectless.

If the first peer reviewer does not approve your paper, the paper does not send to the next peer reviewer, and as a result, the decision in the process takes a few days.

But if the first reviewers approve your paper, it will be sent to the next reviewers, taking a long time to decide with the editor.

Particularly when some of the experts are busy or asking for revisions from the authors, in this situation, the process can take longer, about a few weeks up to a few months.

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decision in process after with editor
decision in process after with editor

Summing up

Publishing a paper in a reputable journal is not easy as you think, and you should be patient to get feedback about your paper since each journal takes several steps before approving an article.

One of the steps for accepting a manuscript is sending the paper to experts to check content from different aspects appears as the decision in process with the editor as a status.

So, when you see this status, don’t worry and wait for their feedback. Hopefully, you will address your concern by reading this article.

Tell us in the comment section how long your decision in progress lasts on your account.

What has been your biggest challenge in getting your research paper accepted for publication? Leave your comment here for us.

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