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How to label figures in research paper

Inputting figures in an integral part of the research paper to allow readers better understand the concept and findings of the research.

Without a doubt, having a figure in the research paper without a label is meaningless, cannot successfully convey the message, and leaves the reader confused.

Considering this, you must add a label, including a figure description, in the paper. To avoid potentially misleading readers.

But you may wonder to know how to label figures in research papers. In this article, we let you know how you can do it and what is the best way to include labels for figures. Keep reading to learn.

What is the figure label in research papers?

A figure label is used in a research paper to provide a brief description that readers need to know about the content of the figure and better understand its purpose and relevance without having to include it in the main text.

The figure label typically includes a figure number, a brief title, and any additional details necessary to clarify figures.

Adding labels to the figures can help the reader to grasp the concept without going through the paper.

How to label figures in research paper
How to label figures in research paper

How to add labels to figures in research papers?

Numbering figures

Research papers can include several figures, making it difficult to cite them accurately within the article.

To cope with this difficulty, you should number every figure, making the reader effortlessly aware of which corresponds to the text. This will allow the reader to comply with your points successfully during the paper.

But how do your number the figures? You can use letters, such as “Figure 1,” in different formats, including “Figure 1” or “Fig. 1.” Additionally, you can include the related figure number inside brackets at the end of the sentence in the text.

For example, “The results are shown in Figure 1 (see Figure 1).” This method ensures that the reader can easily locate the figures as they go further through the article.

If your paper consists of tables and figures, you should keep the number of tables or charts separate from the number of tables or charts. Figures should be numbered in a separate order and sequence.

Writing a title

Another factor you need to add while writing a label for a figure to the research paper is writing a short and effective title for the figure.

The title should explain what the figure is about. So, by reading the title reader will understand the concept of the figure.

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Where should I place the label for a figure?

The label for a figure in a research paper should be centered directly underneath the figure. The font of the label should be clear and in a consistent manner.

The font size should be small compared to the font of the main text. The description should be short and informative.

So, placing the label below the figures enables readers to easily engage with the figure and comprehend its information related to the figures.

How to label figures in research paper
How to label figures in research paper

Tips for adding figures and its caption to the research paper

   Figures and labels should be on the same page, close together. Don’t separate these parts in the paper.

·         If your single figure consists of different parts which can be placed on a single page, you need to include the first part along with its caption, then in the next pages, bring the rest of the figure with a related caption.

·         If your figure is too wide and extends beyond the page, you can orient the figure or place it in landscape format. This is a common solution to accommodate figures wider than a research paper’s standard portrait orientation.

·         Figures should have high resolution to enhance the reader’s experience.

·         Write a label under the figure, and choose the right color for the font to improve its readability.

·         Start writing labels with capital words as you do in the whole text.

·         Figures should be inputted within the page margins.

Final words

In a research paper, you see figures and tables to help readers comprehend the paper’s concept better.

Adding a figure with a description is useful and keeps readers in sight. When you import any figure, you must write a short label to tell what the figure is about.

To write a label for a figure, you need to stick some rules and numbering figures in order and add a title followed by these explaining the figure.

I hope you read this article helpful in the case of how to label figures in a research paper and improve the quality of your research paper by considering readers’ concerns and including figures labels.

If you have further questions, please ask us in the comment section.

Have you ever encountered confusion or difficulty in understanding figures in research papers due to improper labeling? Share your experiences and thoughts below.

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