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Should I send my manuscript to multiple publishers?

After finishing the manuscript for a research paper, it is time to find the best academic journal for publishing your paper.

However, it is hard to find the one that you are sure will approve your paper and give you a quick response. This is an approximately long process and requires patience to know about the journal’s decision.

Sometimes researchers may be tempted to send their single manuscript to multiple publishers to save time and see if the journal with high impact accepts their paper rather than publishing it in a low-impact journal.

But it is not legal, and against the policy of all academic journals, and if you go through this kind of decision, you must also wait for its negative effects.

To clarify more, the question, “should I send my manuscript to multiple publisher” stay with us in this article.

What do multiple submissions mean?

Multiple submission, also known as redundant, duplicate, or simultaneous submission, refers to an act in which an author simultaneously sends their manuscript to several journals.

Sometimes researchers are under pressure in their academic institutes and given limited time to publish their papers. Otherwise, they are not allowed to defend their thesis, and because of that, they find this way the only solution to get rid of this situation.

Given that the process of submitting a manuscript to a journal includes signing the copyright and uploading it on the journal website to make the journal ensure that you did not send your manuscript to other publishers at the same time, if publishers detect that you sent your manuscript to multiple publishers other than them, they will be retracted since you violate their law.

According to this, it is not recommended to send your manuscript to several publishers; instead of that, you can do your best to find a more reliable journal based on your research, and your research quality fits more with its impact factor.

What are the consequences of multiple publishing?

Should I send my manuscript to multiple publishers
Should I send my manuscript to multiple publishers

Here are the reasons that sending research papers to multiple publishers is not recommended:

  1. Being caught with a software detector
    How can publishers figure out that I send simultaneously to various publishers? You are right humankind cannot detect such things, and since you sign the copyright law, they consider that you know ethics.

But they rely on something other than human gatekeepers; they use software such as Turnitin, iThenticate, and CrossCheck to avoid publishing content, including plagiarism.

As a result, you must recognize the power of a publisher in catching you when you send your paper to other publishers, and you must wait for how the feedback you.

  1. Waste peer reviewers’ time & energy
    When you send your manuscript to various journals, you save many resources publishers offer.

Since they get help from peer reviewers for evaluating the manuscript, they put their time and energy into analyzing your paper instead of paying attention to their important works.

  1. Legal implication
    You cannot stay calm when you get involved in violating copyright and plagiarism. It is more likely that you will go through legal action after being caught by multiple publications.
  2. Breaking law
    As you sign a copyright for publishers, you cannot transfer the copyright, and you approve that they are the owner of your paper.

So, you cannot republish it elsewhere because it will be considered self-plagiarism.

  1. Damage to academic reputation
    The main effect of multiple publishing is damaging academic reputation. Publishing the same paper in two journals can hurt the scientific community. As a result, authors of the papers will lose their credibility among peer colleagues and the scientific community.
  2. Hurting science community
    Multiple publishing can lead to diverting of the scientific community. It can confuse readers, who may come across similar findings in different journals or conferences.

This redundancy can hinder the progress of knowledge and make it difficult for readers to know which is the most reliable or up-to-date information.

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The bottom line

Submitting manuscripts to multiple publishers in the academic community is not recommended. Although you will have the chance to publish your paper in a short time when you have limited time, its consequences can negatively affect you in different aspects, such as damaging your reputation.

So, to send your manuscript to multiple publishers, you must consider what is waiting for you in the future.

Hope you find reading this article useful in the case of answering the question, “should I send my manuscript to multiple publishers?” and making the best decision when you want to violate the copyright law of journals.

Have you any experience of publishing papers in two journals simultaneously? What was its effect? We love to hear from you in the comment section.

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