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Under Review After Required Reviews Completed

H ave you ever been in a situation where you were waiting too long for your paper that was under review after the required reviews were completed?

What does this phrase mean at all?

The status of an article for the peer review might change many times. The fact that the status changed from “Required Reviews Completed” to “Under Review” means that the editor, who is in charge of reviewing the manuscript, is right now in the process of making a decision.

If you want to know more about this situation in which the article is under review after the required reviews are completed, continue reading this article, as we are going to provide essential details of this status.

Why is a paper changes from “Required reviews completed” to “Under review”?

A paper changes from “Required reviews completed” to “Under review,” and it can change back and forth rapidly between these statuses.

Why? Because the editor evaluates the material and makes a choice. The review process may be extensive and requires numerous rounds of reviews and edits.

Suppose the status of your article gets back again to under review after the Required review is completed. In that case, you will know that the editor has sent the manuscripts for further review, which is a fairly common scenario among the writers and the editors.

If the reviewers decide that the comments are contradictory and are not strong enough, they can send your article for further review as long as it takes.

How long to wait after the required reviews are completed?

If you are an experienced writer, you know that it is unusual to send the paper for additional review a second time, but if it did, do you know how long you have to wait for the process?

It takes a week to a month, depending on your piece and its circumstances. Sometimes editors struggle to decide, so they submit your manuscript for several reviews to ensure fairness for all authors.

Now let’s see what are the reasons that your article might be under review after the required review is completed:

Under Review After Required Reviews Completed
Under Review After Required Reviews Completed

What are the reasons for an article remains under review?

As you understood, “under review after required reviews completed” refers to a process in an academic situation where an article, document, or even a project has undergone a number of initial reviews but is still being assessed further by other reviewers.

In this context, you can see the several reasons that an author’s article remains under review:

1.    Further Examination

The editors may need to spend more time on the article under evaluation. Complexity, significance, or new concerns may cause it.

2.    Additional Expertise Needed

In some cases, the editor, after the initial review, feels the need for additional expertise to fully evaluate the subject matter fully, necessitating further review by specialists. So, the process of under review after required reviews are completed, happens.

3.    Quality Assurance

Some articles contain specific data that a secondary or continued review is required due to its quality assurance process to make sure the standards are met thoroughly.

4.    Policy or Procedure Requirements

Certain companies or institutions have rules that necessitate numerous layers of evaluation after the basic necessary reviews have been performed. That is where you again see the under review after the required reviews are completed.

5.    Updates or Revisions

Consider that an article or a project under review has been updated or revised based on initial feedback, so in this situation, it may need to go through another turn of review to confirm the changes are appropriate.

6.    Final Consent

For certain writers, the piece can require final approval from a higher authority or decision-maker following necessary reviews.

During the lengthy review process, “under review after required reviews completed”, it’s crucial for those awaiting its outcome to exercise patience and appreciate the value of such a comprehensive assessment in ensuring the soundness and excellence of decisions.

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In conclusion

Authors might face lots of “Under review after Required reviews completed” for their proposed articles in different steps.

The extensive review process might be annoying, but it’s necessary to protect editors’ judgments.

Reviewers spend their time and skills examining the authors’ paper to ensure that the final conclusion is well-informed, well-considered, and best for all parties.

What are your concerns about “Under review after Required reviews completed?” Do you currently have any articles that are under review, and you are now waiting for the reviews to be completed?

If so please comment us and open up about your concerns. We are waiting for your response.

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