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How do you cite a journal article with no volume or issue number?

Consider you have found an article with no volume and issue number, but you want to cite it. Is it possible?

There are two unique methods for this purpose. You can use a template mentioned in the following section or use the handy and practical DOI only to cite any article you want when you don’t have access to its issue and volume number.

Can we cite a journal article with no volume or issue number? Yes! How?

Let’s find out! I will leave you quickly, so let’s jump into the topic.

What To Do If Journal Article Has No Volume or Issue Number

First, let’s begin with introducing the correct format and template you can use when you want to reference an article whose volume or issue number you need.

To cite a journal article with no issue number or volume, you can take the steps below:

  1. List the author’s last name followed by their initials.
  2. Include the Year the article was published.
  3. Add the article’s title in single quotes.
  4. Write the journal’s name, followed by either “p.” or “pp.” depending on the number of pages used.
  5. Finally, provide the page range or specific page number mentioned.

See? There is no need for volume and issue number!

Here are two examples:

McGraw, F (1993). “Exo-skeleton mechanics for improved lower body maneuverability.” English Mechanical Engineering, pp. 34-67.

Wychick, J & Thompson, L (2005). “Fallen for a scam lately?” Australia Today, November 24, pp. 54-60.

Now, if you wonder how other people can find the article page number in the journal with no volume or issue, here are some tips, so do not be worried!

How do you find page numbers for journal articles with no volume or issue?

There is a straightforward way, and that is “PDF metadata.” If you read the article as a PDF, you can right-click and select “Properties” or “Document Properties.” Then, the metadata might show page count information.

Or you can search online for the article:

  1. Journal website: The publisher may have the full article with complete citation information, including page numbers.
  2. Library databases: Try searching for the article in library databases like JSTOR, ScienceDirect, or ProQuest. These often provide more detailed information like volume and issue, even if absent in the original article.
  3. Google Scholar: Search Google Scholar for the article title and author. Sometimes, results will link to versions with complete citation information.

The other way to cite a journal article with no volume or issue number is by the article’s DOI!

How do you cite a journal article with only DOI?

Citing a journal article with only a DOI and no volume or issue number is straightforward, too. However, the specific format depends on the style guide you’re using.

You can find a breakdown of common styles in the following part:

·        APA Style

Author(s). (Year). Title of article. Journal title. [DOI]


Smith, J., & Jones, M. (2023). Examining the impact of social media on mental health. Journal of Applied Psychology, [DOI]

·        MLA Style

Author(s). “Title of Article.” Journal title (Year): DOI.


Smith, John, and Mary Jones. “Examining the Impact of Social Media on Mental Health.” Journal of Applied Psychology (2023): [DOI]

·        Chicago Style

Author(s). “Title of Article.” Journal title (Year): DOI.


Smith, John, and Mary Jones. “Examining the Impact of Social Media on Mental Health.” Journal of Applied Psychology 2023: [DOI]

·        Harvard Style

Author(s), Year, “Title of Article,” Journal title, DOI.


Smith, J. & Jones, M., 2023, “Examining the Impact of Social Media on Mental Health,” Journal of Applied Psychology, [DOI]

Tips to cite a journal article without the issue or volume number:

  1. You can check some online databases where you find articles, as they already provide the citation in your chosen style guide format.
  2. Always double-check the DOI for accuracy to avoid linking to the wrong article.
  3. While you don’t access the volume or issue number, include all relevant information like author(s), title, and DOI.

Not mentioning volume and issue information is acceptable when unavailable, so don’t panic!

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We all know that encountering a journal article missing volume or issue numbers can seem frightening, but you better understand their absence is acceptable!

Just go and seek alternative ways, and do not freeze! There are clear solutions!

Following your chosen style guide’s recommendations and using the methods and alternative ways outlined here, you can accurately cite these articles without volume and issue information.

Did you find these methods helpful? How do you cite the articles with no volume and issue number? Please share your methods in the comments.

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