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Average Time from Submission to Publication of a Paper

I know after conducting a publication, you can’t wait to make it published, but you have to go through the submission process.

Typically, the average time from submission to publication for a research paper varies depending on several factors.

Nevertheless, the average time ranges from 6 months to 2 years. This timeline encompasses the entire process, from submission to last publication.

Concerns about how long peer-reviewed journals take to reach publication from submission to publication made us write this article for a better understanding of this process.

Let’s dive into the topic and learn all the details of it.

What is the expected publication timeframe after submission?

Submitting in scientific peer-reviewed journals normally requires lengthy delays between submission and publication.

This is owing to the duration of the review procedure. Delays impede the diffusion of information and even put writers’ academic careers at risk.

In this part, we have added ways to estimate how long it takes for a journal will publish after acceptance so you can have a general idea about the time you have to wait and stop worrying:

1.      Examine whether the publications share the papers online as soon as they are accepted rather than waiting for an issue. Do quick research if this occurs for all other writers or only when the author asks, and request it if necessary. If your manuscript is accepted into this system, your article will most likely be published within 3-8 weeks.

2.      The most common way is checking the journal’s website and the information about the average time acceptance to publication they aim for. But you have to expect more than that. If this time is expended, you can send an email to the editors and request an update.

Average Time from Submission to Publication of a Paper
Average Time from Submission to Publication of a Paper

Getting track of other published papers to guess the typical publish time

This can’t be that reliable as papers are different, but you can look at some recent papers. Some of the publishers provide the dates of paper acceptance and online publication of the paper. Therefore, you can estimate the average time from submission to publication of a paper.

If you have decided to publish your article only in print, be prepared for a long delay!

The average time from request to publish for every phase of the process is shown below:

a)      The average time from submitting to initial decision is 2-3 months.

b)      The submission process to acceptance typically takes 6-12 months.

c)      The final and most important stage, which is acceptance to the final publication, takes 3 to 6 months.

You have to keep in mind that these are only estimations, and the exact time for a particular paper to be published may take a shorter or longer time.

Additionally, some journals have different timelines for different types of articles, such as research papers, reviews, and case studies.

The best advice we can provide is to wait for 6-8 weeks (It differs; you can check the average time on the chosen journal’s website).

If you haven’t heard back from the publisher, don’t wait longer! You can write a polite email to the editor and ask for more information.

How to write an email to ask for the average time from admission to publication?

You can follow the example below:

To whom it may concern;

I’m writing to enquire about the status of my article submitted on [date], [manuscript number]. The authors and title of our paper are as follows:

[authors] [title]

I would like to inquire about the status of the submitted manuscript. [Then you can insert the past time].

I appreciate your consideration.


[Your name]

You can find some tips for reducing the average time of submission-publication

Try to select the right journal with the target audience that aligns with your topic and research, and to avoid any possible delays, stick to the journal’s submission guidelines.

If the reviewer made any comments, address them quickly and thoroughly; it shows your willingness to improve and publish the paper.

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In conclusion

All in all, you have to write a clear, well-structured, easy-to-understand, and free of possible grammatical errors and have a shorter average time from submission to publication of your article.

It can be an endless marathon if you do not pay attention to the tips that we mentioned here. Understanding the average period and using effective strategies (the ones mentioned earlier) can convert the submission to publication into an academic and career success.

You have to bear in mind that the key lies in thorough preparation and a good pen, planned journal selection, which is more important, and swift replies to comments.

If you have any concerns on this topic, please feel free to ask them in the comment section. We would respond as quickly as possible.

Do you know any other ways to decrease the average time from submission to publication of a paper? Please share them with all.

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