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How Long Does It Take to Publish a Research Paper?

The challenging journey from conducting research, writing it, and publishing a paper in a journal can be not only daunting but lengthy too and requires lots of patience.

For students, writers, or scholarly peers who have just started their work, this question might pop up in their head: how long does it take to publish a research paper?

Honesty, the exact timeline can vary on various aspects, and this time differs based on the topic you choose, your method, the time you spend on your work and so on.

All in all, publishing a paper in an international journal has some steps that we are going to expand them in this article so you can estimate the time it takes to be published.

Let’s see what is the average time for a research paper publication.

How long does it take to get a research paper accepted?

The duration of publishing a research paper can be from 3 days to 3 years or even further, depending on the situation.

Whether you’re writing an article for a class assignment and thesis or if you’re writing for an international publication based on original research.

The former can be completed in a few days or less than 8 months, while the latter can take years.

This is why we have provided a list of elements that can alter the publishing timeline of your paper.

The Important Factors that Affect Publication Timeline:

How Long Does It Take to Publish a Research Paper?
How Long Does It Take to Publish a Research Paper?

Your chosen field of study

As mentioned at the start, the topic and the field you choose in the first and the most important factors that can have an undeniable effect on the time you spend on your article.

There are some fields, such as medicine or engineering, that have more demanding peer-review processes, and that leads to longer publication times.

2.    Choosing an International Journal

The journal matters also. There are high-impact journals that often receive a large volume of proposals, and it results in them taking time to review all of them.

In the following part, you can see the journals that take time to accept and publish your works:

·         The Lancet

·         JAMA

·         Nature

·         Cell

·         Journal of the American College of Cardiology

·         The BMJ

Choosing the right journal is one of the most important decisions you have taken in your journey, affecting the average time for a research paper review.

3.    The quality & value of your paper

Suppose your paper requires a strong methodology, clear statistics, obvious findings, and a well-written writing style. In that case, it definitely tends to have a shorter publication timeline despite having a longer writing and conducting time.

So, if you want to shorten the time of being on the waiting list, try to clarify the writing.

4.    Your Experience & having the right assistance

If you are working in a group and all have different responsibilities, your paper will be finished sooner, and you have less time to spend on a well-written article in comparison to working sole.

Furthermore, experienced researchers, even if they are alone, often have a better understanding of the publication process and may be able to navigate it more efficiently.

If they have lots of published articles and a good reputation, they might wait less in the approval process. These were the elements that affect the length of publishing a research paper in a top journal.

If you want to increase the chance of publishing your writing and make the publishing time shorter, you can do as guidance below.

5.    How to increase the chances of the research paper being published?

Here, you can find strategies to improve research paper submission success and control the time that it takes to publish a research paper.

To make the chances of getting your research paper published higher, you have to combine some methods, from preparation, journal selection, and effective communication.

These are the key strategies to enhance your publication success in a shorter time:

1.      Pay attention to the narrative

2.      Have an engaging title and abstract

3.      Find the right scope for publication

4.      Examine the paper from the editor’s outlook

5.      Do not forget to follow the submission guideline

Two common mistakes delaying research paper publication:

Ø  Do not submit your paper during the holidays.

Ø  Do not avoid revision your article.

Publishing a research paper is a noteworthy achievement that requires perseverance and loyalty to high publication standards.

While this process can be time-consuming, you need to know the factors that affect the timeline and use practical strategies to speed up the publication.

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In conclusion

All the authors know that the journey to publish a paper is rewarding, and writing a comprehensive article not only takes less to be published but improves your academic career.

Hope all of these tips were useful; let’s put an end to this topic; if you have any questions on “How Long Does It Take to Publish a Research Paper?” please mention them in the comments.

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